Patients with all types of kidney (renal) and hypertension-related disorders receive advanced, comprehensive and compassionate care from our Abbottabad Medical Complex specialists who is a doctor who specializes in kidney health and kidney disease.

Nephrology encompasses a wide range of medical disciplines, including:


The study of normal kidney function

The causes and diagnoses of kidney diseases

The treatment of acute or chronic kidney diseases

The preservation of kidney function

Kidney transplantation

blood or protein in urine

chronic kidney disease

kidney stones, although a urologist may also treat this

kidney infections

kidney swelling due to glomerulonephritis or interstitial nephritis

kidney cancer

polycystic kidney disease

hemolytic uremic syndrome

renal artery stenosis

nephritic syndrome

end-stage kidney disease

kidney failure, both acute and chronic


Nephrologists also perform, oversee, or assist in other procedures to either manage or treat kidney disorders. These include:

Percutaneous needle biopsy 

Kidney ultrasonography

Bone biopsy 

Kidney dialysis

Kidney transplants