Audiometry tests are required across a wide range of industries to determine how well you can hear. Noise is a major occupational hazard. Short term effects of noise exposure include difficulty in verbal communication, stress, temporary hearing loss, annoyance, and safety hazards.

The primary long term effect of hearing loss is permanent hearing loss. Abbottabad Medical Complex uses Automatic Audiometer (pictured to the right), an advanced, easy-to-use pure-tone threshold audiometer. The intelligent features and user-friendly controls of the SMART TONE streamline the testing process to efficiently collect hearing thresholds at seven frequencies.

During the test, you will wear earphones and hear a range of sounds directed to one ear at a time. The loudness of sound is measured in decibels (dB). A whisper is about 20 dB, loud music ranges 80-120 dB, and a jet engine is about 180 db. The tone of sound is measured in frequencies (Hz). Low bass tones range 50-60 Hz, high-pitched tones range 10,000 Hz or higher. Normal hearing range is 250-8,000 Hz at 25 dB or lower.