College of Dentistry

The College of Dentistry at Abbottabad International Medical Institute has pursued the mission of advancing oral, craniofacial, and public health through excellence in education, discovery, and patient-centered care. Our vision is to be a worldwide leader in dental education and public health, clinical practice, and scientific discovery, and our core values encompass our operating philosophy and principles that guide us in our daily actions and decisions, a s well as in our interactions with others

Subjects & Academic Hours- College of Dentistry

First Professional BDS Subjects:

Part I:

Sr. # Subjects Marks
01 General Anatomy 200
02 General Physiology 200
03 Biochemistry 100
04 Science of Dental Materials 200

Second Professional BDS Subjects:

Part II:

Sr. # Subjects Marks
01 Pathology 200
02 Pharmacology 200
03 Oral Biology and Tooth Morphology 200
04 Community and Preventive Dentistry 100

Third Professional BDS Subjects:

Part III:

Sr. # Subjects Marks
01 General Surgery 200
02 General Medicine 200
03 Oral Pathology 200
04 Periodontology 100
05 Oral Medicine 100

Final Professional BDS Subjects:

Part IV:

Sr. # Subjects Marks
01 Prosthodontics 300
02 Operative Dentistry 300
03 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 300
04 Orthodontics 300