Vision Khyber Medical University, Peshawar

KMU will be the global leader in health services, academics & research for efficient and compassionate health care.

Mission, Abbottabad International Medical Institute

We at Abbottabad International Medical Institute equip our students with knowledge, skills and attitude in an excellent academic environment by distinguished faculty and train them to be competent and compassionate healthcare professionals dedicated to research, community work and lifelong learning.

Vision, Abbottabad International Medical Institute

In consonance with the vision of Khyber Medical University, AIMI endeavors to reach the summit of comity of medical institutions in terms of teaching, discovery and medical & dental care to contribute to the health of nation in a meaningful way.

Alignment of Mission, AIMI with Vision of KMU

Mission Statement components Of AIMI What the component communicates Does the mission align with the Vision?
Aims to produce competent healthcare professional Academic excellence ✔️
Aims to equip the students with Knowledge, Skills & Attitude in excellent academic environment Academic excellence ✔️
Aims to develop professional attributes to be compassionate & competent healthcare professional Compassionate Health care ✔️
Aims to produce graduates dedicated to research & lifelong learning Research ✔️
Aims to produce graduates committed to community work Providing Health Services ✔️