Vision Statement of KMU

KMU will be the global leader in health care sciences academics and research for efficient and compassionate health care.

Vision Statement of AIMI Abbottabad

AIMI strives to be prominent among the leading medical institutes in contributing improved health care by training skilled and competent graduates with excellent standards of ethics, integrity and professional attributes.

Mission Statement of KMU

Khyber medical University aims to promote professional competence through learning and innovation for providing comprehensive health care to the nation.

Mission Statement of AIMI

AIMI aims to achieve professional competence through learning and innovation to deliver comprehensive health care at quality standards.

Learning Outcomes of the AIMI Abbottabad for MBBS Program

  • An appropriate Basics knowledge of medical sciences.
  • Concept of facility based and community based cases management.
  • Knowledge of ethical norms in medicine.
  • Elicit accurate and focused medical histories of patients and perform relevant, comprehensive physical examination.
  • Evaluate the use of laboratory tests and imaging studies and interpret the results to arrive at clinical decision making.
  • Perform the common medical and surgical techniques in clinical settings including the 'basic life support.
  • Educate and motivate the patient to promote healthy habits for wellness and prevention of disorders.