Abbottabad International Medical Institute (AIMI), a prestigious educational institute, has always been conscious of providing excellence in medical education and patient care. QEC’s frame work is a road map by which an institution can guarantee with confidence and certainty, that the standards and quality of its education are maintained and further enhanced. It is a sustainable quality assurance programme which enhances employment opportunities, improves education standards, skills and training of future employees, harnesses future leaders, facilitates an enabling learning environment, and enriches the academic and intellectual landscape. It, in fact, fuels the engine of the economic and social development at the national, regional and international fronts.
In order to meet the challenges and demands in the field of medical/higher education of the 21st century, impact of globalization and the need for knowledge-based economy, the AIMI established the Quality Enhancement Cell in 2018. QEC at AIMI is responsible for refining and automating the quality assurance system to simplify and enhance the processes of quality reporting and institutional research as the backbone of the decision-making and persistent quality improvement processes across AIMI. It ensures collaboration among various departments in implementing this system. In addition, QEC develops methods of evaluation to affirm that the standards of awards and their provision are being maintained to the letter. It also endeavours to foster curriculum, staff development and instruction methodology together with research and other scholarly activities.
For the successful functioning at the institutional level, QEC of AIMI has already developed the Quality Assurance Process and Evaluation Methods including Self-Assessment Program. QEC works with Quality Assurance Agency of Higher Education Commission and KMU (QAA/HEC) in the processes of capacity building arrangements. This collaboration includes awareness campaigns, the development of quality assurance instruments, the evaluation of the quality of campus facilities, the training to learn the processes and procedures of quality assurance in higher education institutions, and the development of a manual to equip the quality assurance practitioners.
The QEC team at AIMI works in close collaboration with (HEC, KMU and PMC) for the refinement of the existing programs and cultivate new ones to multiply the institution’s worth and competitiveness.