The mission of the QEC at AIMI is:
  • To enhance the value of work and learning experience at AIMI through the culture of excellence and continuous quality improvement, and to support all academic and administrative units through its Quality Assurance system to achieve national, regional and international accreditation and ranking. 
  • To present a self-assessment based system of quality assurance that has the capacity of exploiting all the available resources but to contest with any prestige enjoying institution in the field of health science and services.
  • To enrich the administrative, academic and community systems at AIMI by providing training, guidance and resources to its faculty, students and the support staff.
  • To introduce flawless, efficient and futuristic setup of quality enhancement procedures which are conducive to fully utilize the expertise of every person to succeed in yielding the desired results across all AIMI missions by being proactive and open to changing paradigms.
  • To produce expert, diverse and committed physicians, scientists, teachers and health science support staff to satisfy the requirements of prospective employers, and all relevant stakeholders in the field of health science and services.